Couple Accused Of Trying To Kill Her Husband With Grenade

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Investigators say they have uncovered a murder plot where a Harrodsburg wife and another man planned to kill the woman's husband.

Kentucky State Police arrested Lavena K. Lear, 26, and Mark A. Jackson, 25, on U.S. 60 on Tuesday charging them with conspiracy to murder.

Police say the pair plotted to kill Lear's husband, Brian Lear, 30.

Investigators say they launched an undercover investigation and were able to arrest the pair when they purchased what they thought was a real hand grenade to try to kill Mr. Lear.

They say they planned to blow up a vehicle with Brian Lear inside.

Thomas Berry, a former landlord of Lavena Lear from when they lived in Versailles , says the husband and wife did have some problems.

"Domestic type problems between them. Quite often domestic problems. The young children are what I was concerned about", Thomas Berry says.

He says although he was used to police being called to the apartment where Lavena and Brian Lear lived, it was still surprising to hear Lavena Lear is accused of being in on a plot to kill her husband.

"I didn't think they'd go to that length to try to settle things", Berry says.

Current Harrodsburg neighbors, like David Arthur, agree.

"It would be surprising for anyone to hear. She seemed like a nice lady", David Arthur says.

Mrs. Lear and Jackson are lodged in the Woodford County Jail on a $20,000 cash bond, and charged with conspiracy to murder.

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