Woman Killed By Moving Trailer

A young mother is dead after an accident involving a moving truck.

Police say Casey & Rob Bramblett were loading a moving truck on Thames Circle in Nicholasville when a trailer they were trying to attach to the back of a moving van came lose and rolled down the street. That 's when police say Casey Bramblett tried to get behind it to stop it. Somehow, police say the 34-year old woman lost her footing and slipped, being crushed by the 2,000 pound trailer.

The couple's three children, ages 4, 8 & 14, were in the front yard at the time and saw the accident.

The family was moving to Florida, where friends say Rob Bramblett was due to start a new job.

The couple has family in the Lexington area, as well as in Florida. Funeral arrangements are pending.

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