New Department Store Opens In Richmond

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At a time when many retail chains across the country are closing, there is some good news at a Central Kentucky shopping center.

A new Belk store celebrated its grand opening Wednesday morning at the Richmond Center. The store opened its doors as many other national retailers shut theirs permanently.

Circuit City, just down Interstate 75 in Hamburg in Lexington, closed over the weekend and Goody's, also in Richmond Center, recently closed as well.

With so many businesses, large and small, closing up shop, folks at Belk say they're focusing on customer service in hoping that will keep them recession proof.

Beyond that, Claudia Beetlestone of Belk says they offer competitive prices and good products.

She says there were no signs of a recession this morning when doors at her store opened. More than 450 people were lined up just to get good opening day deals.

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