Increasing Toilet Paper Sales Are Wiping Out Forests

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Sales of luxury toilet paper, like ultra soft and quilted brands, have increased nearly 40 percent over the last year. More tree fiber is needed to manufacture the better tissue and is causing massive deforestation.

Kate Sinding, Natural Resources Defense Council, says, "These are all impacts that could be avoided with some smarter consumer choices....We can choose to buy toilet paper that is made with a high-recycled content."

The luxurious toilet tissue also uses more fresh water, chlorine bleach, and it contributes to more waste in landfills.

The oldest recycled paper maker, Marcal, will be re-making their toilet paper to remind consumers that their products are made with 100 percent recycled paper.

Scott is also manufacturing bathroom tissue made from 40 percent recycled fiber. Environmentalists encourage consumers to purchase toilet tissue that contains 40-60 percent of recycled fiber.

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