Police: College Student Scams Bookstores Out Of Thousands

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As any college student can attest, text books are expensive and police say that's why a thief thought they'd be the perfect target.

They say she stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from bookstores at Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University.

And the crime spree may have gone unsolved but a combination of good police work and a little luck led police to a college student who could now face serious jail time.

Berea police say Casey Taylor, 22, of Mt. Vernon, stole almost $1,800 worth of text books from Berea College Store over a several day period then sold them to ecampus.com in Lexington.

"She told the employee there her mother was a professor at Berea College and that these were extra copies," said Berea Police Capt. Ken Clark.

The store bought the books but grew suspicious because the books were still in original packaging, so the manager called around to other book stores in Central Kentucky, including the store in Berea.

"They asked the manager if her store sold these books they had just bought. She answered, yes, and when she went over to the shelf to look, all of the books were gone," Capt. Clark said.

The woman came back to the Berea store a couple of days later and was caught on video surveillance.

"So the manager of the Berea store sent the photo to ecampus and store employees there confirmed it was the same woman who sold them the books," Capt. Clark went on to say.

Right now an arrest for the Berea thefts is pending as police obtain the warrant Casey Taylor will be charged with theft by unlawful taking over $300, which is a felony punishable by one to five years in prison.

Just a day earlier, Taylor was arrested for stealing a book from the University Book & Supply in Richmond. She was charged with receiving stolen property.

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