Unsuccessful ATM Theft Caught On Tape

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Two thieves put in a hard night's work and it's all caught on tape.

"They worked pretty diligently, trying to get some money out of there," explains Kendra Jones with TNT Security in Bullitt County.

The pesky pair spent nearly 30 minutes breaking into an A-T-M machine right outside her business.

Detective Scotty McGaha with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department describes the surveillance tape. "There's one yanking and pulling on some kind of door to the machine.... Until it finally opens."

Police believe the suspects may not have been camera shy at all. They say the two covered their faces before they got up close and personal with the machine. But despite those efforts, there weren't any rewards.

"They did not get a thing," said Jones.

The ATM hasn't functioned for years and the camera is only kept on as extra security.

"It covers the parking lot here for all our cars which is a good thing, " said Jones.

Jones says although there was thousands of dollars in damage done, she and her staff found the surveillance entertaining.

"It was funny. We did a lot of laughing."

The two responsible probably won't think this is a laughing matter once police catch them because officers say they could face serious charges.

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