Textbook Shoplifter Caught On Tape Years Before Arrest

The 22 year old woman arrested earlier this month for stealing college books has been seen years ago doing the same thing, says Lexington Bookstore Manager.

Casey Taylor was arrested in Richmond for stealing thousands of dollars worth of books from a Berea bookstore and selling them at a Lexington college bookstore.

After seeing the report of Taylor's arrest on 27NEWSFIRST, David Felker of Kennedy's Book Store says he recognized the suspect.

Felker says there were at least three different times when Taylor came into the store with an armful of books to sell. Felker says he had warning about Taylor from another bookstore in Berea and refused to buy back the books.

He says at the time he called other stores to warn them about the scam, but says he isn't surprised Taylor has been getting away with the scam, saying it's a difficult crime to stop unless you catch the person in the act.

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