Family Defends "Missing" Man

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Gary Clark is back home in Winchester. His wife shared about what the last few days have been like and dispelled what she says are rumors.

After leaving his Winchester home Wednesday morning, 37-year old Gary Clark's initially told his family he had been abducted from his garage and left in the trunk of his car in North Carolina.

But later, Clark admitted he made it all up.

"He says he had some issues and wanted to get away and think through and that's why he did this," says Judy Clark, his wife of 15 years.

She says when her husband called home, she's the one who encouraged her husband to go to police.

"He told them the truth," says Judy Clark.

Clark voluntarily went to see Huntersville Police in North Carolina, where they say he was questioned by the FBI.

Clark's father tells 27 NEWSFIRST his son had been questioned about calls that were made to a 10 year old child, but the family says Gary has done nothing criminal.

"This has been quite an embarrassment to our family and an impact to all of us. My little 10-year old daughter had to go to school and face this today."

There are currently no charges on record against Gary Clark at this time by Huntersville Police in North Carolina or Clark County Sheriff's Department. The sheriff says as far as he knows, this is a closed case.

The FBI would not confirm or deny there is a pending investigation on Gary Clark.

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