McConnell's Earmark Spending

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The U.S. Senate late Tuesday, March 10, passed a $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill that included a number of earmarks requested by U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.

Here are some the projects he has secured money for.

$2.945 million for the Transit Authority of Lexington Bus Purchase Project and $950,000 for the Frankfort Transit System Improvement Project.

· $1.632 million for construction of a UK/Agriculture Research Service (ARS) lab.

· $273,000 for the UK Animal Health project and continued funding for UK/ARS Forage-Animal Production Research Unit.

· $525,000 for the UK Crop Diversification Research and Education.

· $452,000 for UK’s Advanced Genetics Technology Center.

· $590,000 for UK’s Health Education Extension Leadership (HEEL) Program.

· $471,000 for UK’s Precision Agriculture Research Unit.

· $951,500 for the University of Kentucky Coal-Derived Low Energy Materials for Sustainable Construction Project.

· $1.903 million for the University of Kentucky to expand the College of Nursing facility.

· $1.427 million for the University of Kentucky to upgrade its lone research MRI instrument.

· $951,000 for the University of Kentucky “HeartHealth” Community Health Management Program.

· $2.854 million for the Center for Advanced Separation Technology.

· $4.55 million for the Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research (CPBR).

· $90,000 for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department in Clark County, Kentucky for Mobile Data Units.

· $30,000 for the Menifee County Sheriff’s Department in Menifee County, Kentucky for Technology Equipment.

· $1.35 million for the Estill County Water District for the Estill County Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project.

· $54.55 million for the Wolf Creek Dam Rehabilitation Project.

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