Former Governor's Employee Remembered

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Several hundred people came together Saturday to remember a former employee of Governor Ernie Fletcher's administration.

Angela Cox, the Governor's director of scheduling, passed away Tuesday of complications from burns she received in a house fire in January.

Family and friends came together to celebrate the life of Angela Cox.

“I could not have asked for a better daughter. I don't know how I'll make it without her, but I know God will lift me up,” said Peggy Cox, Angela’s mother.

She says her daughter's kind heart is what she will be remembered for most.

“She loved people and it didn't matter if you were the janitor or the governor. There was no difference to her.”

Cox worked for Governor Fletcher for nearly eight years, first as a case worker when he was in congress, then as his director of scheduling.

“And the most important thing I remember about her is her compassion for people. If somebody had a problem they'd call the congressional office when we were there, she wouldn't stop until she found some help, some resource for them,” said Governor Fletcher.

“She never met a stranger. Everybody she met she loved. She always thought she had a few friends. She never knew that everybody she met became her best friend,” said Elizabeth Ann Cox, Angela’s sister.

Family and friends say she will also be remembered for her voice.

“She had a beautiful voice. She sang the National Anthem for many people. Many people called for her to come to events and sing,” said Lorrie Parker.

“She sang for a lot of events for veterans, for troops when they came home, just numerable events she sang for and you could always see when she was singing the National Anthem she believed every word,” said Gov. Fletcher.

“I just wish that more people in the world could be like Angela, we'd have a lot better world,” said Peggy.

She says she takes comfort knowing her daughter is in a better place.

Cox was 40 years old. Members of the Senate held a moment of silence Friday to honor her service to the state.

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