Woman Killed While Crossing Street In Winchester

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A pedestrian died Monday morning after being hit by a truck while trying to cross a busy Winchester street.

Winchester Police say 43 year-old Tracy Goodwin was hit at Maple and Sycamore streets when she walked out into traffic at about 7 a.m. and was struck.

"The first thing I saw was the truck as I popped over the hill and saw a huge dent in the front of the truck and knew it was very, very serious", says Bob Wigginton, whose daughter was one of the witnesses to the accident.

He says his daughter had to leave work after witnessing the horrible accident.

"It tore me up and tore her up. It's hard to see anything like that", says Wigginton.

Police say Tracy Goodwin died at the scene.

Police spent most of the morning interviewing witnesses and the driver involved before ruling the incident an accident. The driver of the truck will not be charged.

They also say the rainy weather and foggy conditions, which created poor visibility, contributed to the accident.

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