Son Calls 911 As Father Holds Suspect at Gunpoint

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A father and his 16-year old son hold a man at gunpoint after he kicks in the back door of their Georgetown home. It happened just after 2 this morning on Citation Court.
The 16-year old called 9-1-1. "Oh my god, shoot, shoot him dad," he told the dispatcher.
For four minutes, they would hold who they would find out to be 18-year old Josh Slone.
"He kicked in the back door and now we have them at gunpoint." The 16-year old also grabbed a gun and the father and son both had guns pointing at the suspect.
"If you move one foot, I will kill you at the count of 3," you could hear the father say in the background of the 9-1-1 call.
Georgetown police arrived and arrested Slone. He is now charged with burglary and criminal mischief.
About 2 hours later, there's another knock at the door. It's Slone's cousin, Thomas trying to kick in the front door. The father and son grab their guns again, but police arrive and arrest him on the front porch.
Police aren't sure why they picked the house, but believe they were so drunk, they didn't know where they were. Josh Slone lives a few houses down from the one he is accused of breaking into.

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