Man Charged With Assaulting Infant

A man sits in jail, charged with assaulting his two-month-old daughter.

Lexington Police arrested 19-year-old David Brumback early Monday morning at Kentucky Children's Hospital.

The child's mother tells 27 NEWSFIRST the girl, named McKenzie, is doing better after spending several days in the hospital.

Neighbors say Brumback is a good father and can't imagine that he'd hurt his own child.

Linda Lathery says Brumback knocked on her door on Sunday, asking for help because McKenzie was unresponsive.

He told Lathery that when he picked McKenzie up out of her swing, she started to have a seizure.

Police say that's not the case and that all the evidence points to Brumback shaking the child. That's a charge the child's mother does not deny.

The two month old has a head injury and her mother says once McKenzie recovers, she plans to take full custody.

Brumback is facing a first degree assault charge. He pleaded not guilty at an arraignment on Tuesday afternoon.

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