5 Arrested On Meth-Making Charges

A group of central Kentuckians sits behind bars, accused of creating a meth manufacturing ring their own neighborhood.

Police in Boyle County arrested several people in three different homes in Mitchellsburg and Junction City.

They're accused of making meth in two homes in Mitchellsburg.

Police say they were caught because of a relatively new state law.

On a street that its residents say is as peaceful as the stream that runs through it, an event took them by surprise late Monday night.

“They were swarming the house. Everything,” says Jerry Quinn, who
saw police cars surround his neighbor, Bronson Hartman's home i n Mitchellsburg Monday night.

“Yeah, it kind of surprised me. because he straightened up, turned out to be a good neighbor,” said Quinn.

But police say they found lots of evidence of making meth at Hartman's home on 365 Baker Lane. They also say Hartman was in business with his father, Ronnie, and neighbor, James Hrapek, down the road at 84 Baker Lane.

Hrapek was even charged with having an active lab in front of a child, which lead police to charge him with child endangerment.

“Because this is volatile stuff, if you don't handle it right, it will explode. You can be killed by the fumes,” said Boyle County Sheriff’s Deputy Warren Lanham.

Police say an undercover informant tipped them off to the meth labs, along with neighbor complaints. But they say they also soon discovered where a key ingredient was being bought.

Buying certain cold medicines requires a signature. Police say that state law was a big help, because they soon realized their suspects were buying huge quantities at Danville Kroger and Wal-Mart stores.

“We spent quite a bit of time yesterday going through lists from local businesses where they were going in and buying it. We had names to look for,” said Lanham.

And the investigation also took police to 71 East Kentucky Avenue in Junction City where Jessie and Tanya Devine (also known as Tanya Raider) were arrested.

“The deputies when there, got consent to search and found the actual product. (meth),” said Landham.

Police arrested a total of 5 people from two labs on Baker Lane and the products found at 71 East Kentucky.

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