Cigarettes Prices Rising Before Tax Hike

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It's two weeks and counting until the price of alcohol and tobacco jumps throughout the state.

New state and federal taxes are doubling down on smokers this time around, raising pack prices to new highs.

Smokers might have already noticed the prices going up for the past three weeks. One local tobacco store owner says he knows the reason why.

The Fayette Cigar Store has been in business for 144 years. Dale Ferguson, the owner, says his store with probably survive the increase, but he's not surprised that other stores will not.

Tobacco Companies have started raising it's prices to get ready for the federal tax increase. Ferguson says the companies will want to have money ready for April first, when the tax goes into affect.

Of course, many smokers are upset that they are having the cost passed on to them.

Ferguson is more upset with the precedent this tax sets, saying it's the first time a single industry has been taxed to fully fund a program. In this case, the money goes to children's health care.

Now, he wonders what industry will be taxed next.

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