Slow Economy Not Slowing Sweet Sixteen Fans

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It's not as if Rupp Arena has trouble attracting fans thanks to those Kentucky Wildcats.

But thousands of new people will flock there over the next few days to watch the High School Boys' Sweet 16.

So when money is tight, how does the Sweet 16 do? Well, those who run the tournament say, "Really well."

According to the the Assistant Commissioner, Julian Tackett, record crowds are expected.

"We have already sold out the lower portion of the arena for Thursday, and I'm guessing the previous attendance record will be a distant memory after those games," said Tackett.

Many of the schools have bought the allotted amount of tickets for their schools and then turned around and bought several hundred more.

"I think we are actually benefiting from the economy. People are staying closer to home, attending local events and what better than the Sweet 16. It only comes around once a year," Tackett went on to say.

He says there is a possibility they could break an all-time attendance record for the tournament.

During the five day event, they expect 120,000 or more people will attend the tournament.

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