Reality Check: Recession Kids

It's a crash course in economics and the harsh realities of the recession.

From less food on the table, to smaller allowances, to watching a parent lose their job.

The recession isn't just a parent's problem.

DeAnn Stephens has a 27 NEWSFIRST reality check on recession kids.

It was six weeks ago when David Tuttle walked into his job of 15 years and suddenly was laid off.

Tuttle worked in sales at United Rentals in Lexington.

He says the uncertainty was overwhelming and a plan had to quickly be put into action.

Lynette Tuttle says the reality of it all forced them to be realistic with their kids.

Ethan is 6, Paige is 2,.

And the small changes in spending suddenly became life learning lessons for youngster Ethan.

While a parent losing a job can be challenging for any child, it could be
especially so for boys.

A look at 39,000 fathers and their sons over 21 years reveals sons whose fathers are laid off ended up earning nine percent less than their counterparts.

And while the Tuttles are pinching pennies now, it is their hope that later, their kids will take from this a lesson they've all learned the hard way.

A lesson that came to life in learning about the term 'economic recession.'

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