Teen Prank Catches Teacher's House On Fire

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Four teenagers are being asked some difficult questions after fire ripped through a teacher's home.

The home is on Walnut Grove Road in Nicholas County. The sheriff says it appears a prank gone wrong may have started the flames.

He says the teens set off fireworks on the woman's porch. Cinders apparently caught the attic on fire several hours later.

The four teens range in ages from 16 to 18-years-old. All were questioned by police .

One of them, 18-year-old Garrett Young, is now charged with Arson and Criminal Mischief. Authorities say Young is the one who lit the firework. 18-year-old Jordan Stewart is charged with Criminal Trespassing.

The teacher, Dream Griffith, an English teacher at Nicholas County High School, was able to safely make it out of the home, but she lost everything she owns in the fire. She tell us she's very thankful that firefighters were able to find her two cats in the home and get them out safely.

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