Shoplifting Incident Turns Violent

Some good samaritains are being called heroes for taking down a woman who was trying to steal from a southern Kentucky store.

Cheryl Hrapek was arrested at the Stanford Dollar General when customers noticed she was shoplifting.

Lisa Adkins' routine shopping trip at the store turned quite unusual.

“She kept hollering, ''I'm not doing anything, I'm not doing anything,''” Adkins said of hearing an alleged shoplifter trying to get away when confronted by the Dollar General manager.

Yet police say Cheryl Hrapek had just tried to leave with $40 worth of cosmetics, hair bows and other household items when the manager tried to stop her. That's when a misdemeanor turned into a felony.

“It was basically a full run charge thing into the manager. She just literally slammed the store manager into the door,” said Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Sim Thacker.

Adkins and her friend were close by and rushed to help.

“(It was) kind of like wrestling I guess. She was trying to take this lady to the floor,” said Adkins of the violent nature of the shoplifter’s attempt to get away.

Police arrived and charged Hrapek with strong arm robbery and several drug offenses. And while putting her in the car, they soon learned that police in Boyle County were at her home, where they say they found part of a major drug manufacturing operation.

“I found out there was actually a meth lab there, and that they were seeking her out to file charges on her also,” said Thacker.

A total of 5 people were arrested at that home on Baker Lane and Kentucky Avenue in Junction City.

Police say Hrapek was also found with marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and prescription drugs out of their proper container. She's also facing charges for the meth lab that was allegedly found in her Mitchellsburg home.

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