March Madness Not So Exciting Without UK

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March Madness is officially here and that means you either are, or know someone (or know someone, who knows someone) who's filling out a NCAA Basketball tournament bracket.

But this year, fewer people in Lexington seem to be taking their chances at predicting the results of the tournament. One big reason could be because the University of Kentucky Basketball Team isn't a part of the action.

The proof is in the pudding at the Baldani, Rowland & Richardson Law Firm. The firm runs one of the biggest bracket pools in the city and the numbers are down.

Normally 500 to 600 people would fill out a bracket by hand or online through the firm's pool. But this year, that number is down to around 300.

Russ Baldani says enthusiasm is down because UK is not even getting a chance at the big dance.

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