911 Call From Inside Double Shooting Home

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A shooting victim pleads for help from police after being shot in front of her kids, all while the shooter, still in the house, repeatedly hangs up the phone.

Four adults and four children were inside a Georgetown home late Tuesday night when Jason Wilson allegedly opened fire, hitting two adults.

Here is a portion of the 911 call made by a victim right after the incident.

Victim: "102 King George Dr. I just got shot."
Operator: "You just got shot?"
Victim: "Yes hurry up!"

Thirty seconds pass before she talks with the operator again.

Operator: "Hello?"
Victim: "Help me please.
Operator: "Where did you get shot at?"
Victim: "Oh my God, please hurry up!"

Buchanon says 26-year old Jason Wilson shot her in the hip.

Operator: "Who shot you?
Victim: "My kids daddy."
Operator: "What's his name?"
Victim: "Jason Wilson, just please hurry up."

Wilson is also accused of shooting another man, Darrell Brown, in the face and is still in the home as Buchanon calls police.

Victim: "Help me, Help me!"

Buchanon says Wilson's own children are in the home as well.

Operator: "Ma'am we've got help on the way, can you tell me where Jason is?"
Victim: "He's here come on I just got shot in front of my kids."

After three minutes on the phone, the 911 call ends.

Operator: "He's still there and keeps hanging up the phone."

Moments later, police arrive and arrest Wilson, charging him with attempted murder and wanton endangerment.

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