Man To Serve 5 Years For Hit And Run Death

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Shannon Houser receives the maximum sentence for the crime under Kentucky law, and the judge calls him a lucky man.

Convicted of tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an April accident that killed UK student Connie Blount, Shannon Houser was told by a judge Friday that he'll spend 5 years in prison.

Before handing down the sentence, the judge says he didn't believe Houser's story that he didn't know he had hit anything with his truck last April.

Judge James Ishmael told Houser, "It defies credibility that you would say you didn't know you struck this lady."

Houser told the court he was sorry anybody had to be here because of this, yet never apologized for the incident. That fact that didn't go unnoticed by Jack Blount, the victim's father.

Jack told 27NEWSFIRST, "I had to sit through the trial and watch him smirk and act without remorse for what's he done. It's all about him and his loss and his family. To me he accepts no responsibility. He can say what he wants the facts speak for themselves."

Since the hit and run accident the law in Kentucky has changed, Connie's Law makes a hit-and-run death a felony. Before, it was only a misdemeanor.

Blount says he'll continue to work to change laws throughout the country.

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