Teacher Thanks Community For Support After Prank Destroys Home

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A Nicholas County High School teacher speaks out, the day after her home was destroyed.
Police say a prank by students went horribly wrong, catching her home on fire.

"It was a good thing we got out in time," says Dreama Griffith.

Dreama Griffith says she has a lot to be thankful for after escaping her home early Thursday morning, which had caught fire.

"I was awakened at 2:00 and my life was saved and the lives of my kitty cats were saved," Griffith says.

The English teacher's home caught fire after authorities say four students decided to place fireworks on Griffith's porch as a prank.

"There's not much worse than losing your house and God blessed us with a community that's supportive," says Dreama Griffith.

Though Griffith says it was hard for her to hear four student she knew were involved, including 18-year-old Garrett Young and 18-year-old Jordan Stewart, both facing charges, other students and community members are now showing her support.

"Several visited me last night. It was a joy to see them. I live in a wonderful, supportive community. They've been behind me, bringing me food, money, people have called. My phone has been ringing off the hook and I would just like to thank everybody for everything," Griffith says.

Griffith says she's now just praying for the those responsible, trying to stay positive.

"I just pray God will watch over the family of the boys and girl and that everything will turn out well for everybody involved. That everything will be for the best, and that God will just bless their lives," Griffith says.

Three of the teens involved in this incident have been suspended from school for this prank. That includes Garrett Young, Jordan Stewart, and a juvenile boy.

18-year-old Garrett Young is charged with arson and criminal mischief. 18-year-old Jordan Steward faces a criminal trespassing charge.

Dreama Griffith says she plans to return to school on Monday.

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