Former Garrard County Court Clerk Indicted

LANCASTER, KY -- A Garrard County grand jury has indicted former Garrard Circuit Clerk Jennifer Grubbs on seven misdemeanor counts of official misconduct, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader in its Saturday edition.

If Grubbs is convicted on all seven counts, she would face no more than 12 months in jail, said Madison Commonwealth's Attorney David Smith, a special prosecutor who presented the case to the grand jury.

Grubbs retired as circuit clerk in December.

Five of the seven counts deal with financial transactions in the Garrard circuit clerk's office in Lancaster. Those allege that Grubbs used office funds "as her own account," Smith said. The indictment says Grubbs acted "with intent to obtain a benefit for herself."

The total amount involved in those five counts was $1,235, which Grubbs has repaid, Smith said.

Grubbs could not be reached for comment.

Another count alleges that Grubbs failed to file a civil lawsuit in which Deputy Clerk Nancy Moberly was being sued by Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford. The civil action was never filed, Smith said, because Moberly paid the $236 for which she was being sued.

The final count involves Grubbs' daughter, Brandi Poynter, according to the indictment. Poynter was charged in two court cases with a total of five counts of theft by deception. The indictment alleges that the two case files were found in Grubbs' private office Dec. 16 and that Grubbs had acted "with the intent to obtain a benefit" for Poynter, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader.

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