UK Signee's Parents Talk About Gillispie Rumors

The water cooler talk has been overflowing for the last half of this season on whether Billy Gillispie will be the head coach of Kentucky next season.

The rumors have reached an all-time high with the Wildcats next game approaching Monday night at Creighton. Rumors that are being heard throughout the state and the Wildcat nation.

In phone interviews conducted by 27 Sportsfirst, we talked with the fathers of Kentucky's three signees. Here are portions of what they had to say, when asked about the future of the coach their sons signed with.

Jon Hood's Father, Brian says:
"A couple of statements by a couple of people could end all of this. If they're going to bring him back a simple statement would end all of this speculation. Recruiting days, if you know anything about recruiting, are more precious than gold. You get a limited number, them being allowed to recruit right now to me says something. If they were going to fire somebody, why would they be letting them use up the new staffs recruiting days. Because I know what we are going to do, we are going to take a step back, re-assess and re-evaluate cause even though you sign with a school your still intrusting your child."

Daniel Orton's Father, Larry says:
"I got a call into the AD, Mitch, just trying to find out what is going on cause we had our mind on coach Gillispie being the coach there coming in. You always have to re-think it because you come to a school because of a coach."

G.J. Vilarino's Father, Jerry says:
"We trying to stay positive with it. We're hoping that doesn't happen, that he's still there. He gets an opportunity to finish what he started, I think he has a lot of good pieces in place, talent is there, he's got talent coming in, next year be a special year."

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