Obama Questions Constitutionality of House Bonus Recovery Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress may be moving to recoup the AIG
bonuses, but the effort could run into trouble at the White House.
President Barack Obama does not specifically mention veto, but
it's clear he doesn't think the House effort to tax bonuses already
paid out to AIG employees is constitutional.
Obama tells the CBS "60 Minutes" broadcast he's hoping the
Senate version will produce a compromise he can sign.
The president says it's a balancing act, trying to assuage
taxpayer anger at Wall Street with the need for support from the
financial sector for his attempts to stop the country from plunging
into fiscal turmoil.
Yesterday, vice presidential economic adviser Jared Bernstein
told ABC's "This Week" the effort to slap a punitive tax on AIG
bonuses "may be a dangerous way to go."

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