Has Your Car Warranty Expired? Scammers Want You To Think So

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It's being called one of the most deceptive marketing campaigns 'ever'
and chances are, you've been targeted!

People are receiving phone call after phone call about their car warranty running out, the better business bureau says, don't believe it.

Across the state people are complainging about automated messages they are receiving on their home, work and personal cell phones telling them it's their final notice to renew their car warranty.

Right now, it's not clear what company or companies might be behind the calls. According to the BBB the calls are being made from all over the Country, so it's hard to track.

These sales calls are being made at all hours of the day and night. Even to people on the do not call list. Which is against the law. Also against the law, calls like these to cell phones, Federal regulations prohibit it.

If you been called you should contact your local Better Business Bureau or the Kentucky Attorney General's office.

The BBB says they believe the same group is responsible for a similar scam-- involving car recalls.

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