Dump Fire Raises Concern

A tin shack, on Tom Ishmael Rd. in Fleming County, that held about 250 tires with another 15 hundred on the outside of the building burned through the night on Tuesday.

.State environmental and emergency personnel they say they were at the same tire dump site yesterday to see if it met state environmental standards and according to emergency management officials. They determined it does not meet those standards.

The owner of this of the dump was given 30 days to fix the problem, a problem that today is a smoldering mess.

"The flames were really high and it was really scary."

Scary to Anna Lambert because she lives just down the road from the scrapyard, but she wasn't surprised to see where the fire was coming from.

"Last Friday there was another fire there at another small building."

Fire crews worked through the night to put out the burning building and tires saying because they were so thick and burn so hot it takes awhile.
An arson investigation is now underway, police say there were witnesses who saw a man start the fire and run away.

The Fire Marshal says his biggest concern was keeping the fire contained, the state forestry division dug a trench to keep the fire in one spot.

Fire officials say luckily the fire didn't spread. Just 50 away is three gas pipe lines from Texas Industry.

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