Corbin Teen Rescued From Burning Home

About 8 o'clock Tuesday morning, a loud knock on Joe Conger's door was a warning that his trailer was on fire. He thought at the time he was the only one inside.

“I walked out and saw the mattress was on fire. I thought my young 'un here was at school,” said Conger.

That's because Conger's wife usually takes their 14 year old son to Corbin Middle School early. Yet today, there was a change of plans that Joe Conger says he wasn't aware of.

“But this morning he had a doctor's appointment I forgot about,” said Conger.

So as Corbin Firefighters arrived Conger told them no one was inside. Yet Chad Jackson and Alex Onkst checked anyway and sure enough they found Joe Jr. asleep inside.

“He could have passed away, not knowing it was on fire,” said Jackson.

“I did not know what was going on, I had to ask. They said my house was on fire,” said Joe Conger, Jr.

The home suffered significant damage to the underpinnning that Conger says he doesn't know how he's going to repair it. He doesn't have home insurance, but he's just thankful he has the one thing that money can't replace.

“I started to cry when I found out he was in the home. I just thank God he came out alright,” said Conger.

The fire cause remains under investigation.

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