House Fire Called Suspicious

There's a shocking new development in a fire that could have taken a teenager's life.

We first told you Tuesday about the Corbin teenager, pulled from his burning home by firefighters.

Now authorities say that fire may have been intentionally set.

It was on the corner of Joe Conger's mobile home where landowner Pershing Sams noticed a burning mattress Tuesday morning.

"What I saw was a big set of box springs standing on the wall. I took my cane and pulled it down. It was burning and blazing up," said Sams.

In fact, it was Sams who alerted his son-in-law, Conger, that his home was on fire. Wednesday, police say that fire was likely no accident.

"The fire is being investigated due to it's suspicious in the way it started," said Captain Tim Helton, who stopped short of calling the fire arson, but says it is a strong possibility the fire was intentionally set.

Joe Conger, Jr., 14, the elder Conger's son, was asleep during the fire and was rescued. Firefighters say he could have easily been overcome with smoke inhalation, and died from it.

Now the question for this family: is someone out to hurt them?

"I'm afraid my life is in jeopardy on account of it," said Sams, who lives in another trailer beside his daughter's family.

Joe Conger is a minister, but his wife says she knows of no one in their current congregation or a previous one who would want to hurt them.

"Well, it was dirty whoever done it. Until I found out differently I think someone set it. Now I can't prove that," said Sams.

Sams isn't saying where the family is staying because of the fear that surrounds his family's situation.

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