Former Inmate Reunites with 'Guardian Angel'

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After 18 years, Donna Hubbard reunites with a perfect stranger who agreed to care for her child, Rachel, for 5 months, while she served time in prison.

That stranger, Mary Davis Brown of Lexington, was the only person Hubbard says responded to the dozens of pleas she sent to churches for someone to care for her baby while she was in a Lexington federal prison.

Hubbard had gotten pregnant by another inmate, and without Brown's help, the baby would have been a ward of the state.

Fast forward 18 years, Hubbard was released from jail is now serving time as a part-time pastor but had lost touch with a woman she considers her guardian angel, until Wednesday when she her daughter Rachel, and Brown reunited.

Hubbard was in Lexington from Atlanta is the keynote speaker at the 15th Annual Black Women's Conference at the University of Kentucky.

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