Courthouse Confrontation

What was supposed to be a standard preliminary hearing turned into a shouting match between families in a child assault case on Thursday morning.

19-year-old David Brumback is charged with first degree assault after his two-month-old daughter, McKenzie, was brought to the hospital, unresponsive.

Doctors say the child had a head injury. She is now in the custody of the state.

At the hearing, a detective with Lexington police testified that McKenzie had a crushed skull and some broken ribs.

He says Brumback changed his story over the course of the investigation, first claiming he had nothing to do with it, then telling police he shook the baby and dropped her on a changing table.

Brumback's fiancee, Sarah Roberts, got into an argument with Brumback's parents in the hallway of the Fayette County Courthouse after Thursday's hearing.

The case is now headed to a grand jury. In the meantime, the 19-year-old father remains in the Fayette County Detention Center.

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