Federal Investigators Looking Into Deadly Crash

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Federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly plane crash in central Kentucky.

The small plane went down on in rural Woodford County at about 10:00 Wednesday night.

27 SKYFIRST few over the scene on Thursday morning and the video shows the pilot came just short of landing in an open field, crashing instead close to Delaney Ferry Road, near Pinkard Baptist Church.

Investigators say making it to that field may have made the difference between life and death.

Members of the FAA and NTSB are on scene.

The FAA says the plane was traveling from Bowling Green to Blue Grass Airport in Lexington. It crashed about an hour after takeoff.

Only the pilot was on board. He hasn't been formally identified, but friends tell us it was Dr. Keith Bryson. He's reportedly an OBGYN from Bowling Green.

We're told he co-owned the plane with a friend and was on his way to Lexington to visit his fiancee.

There is no black box in the wreckage because one is not required by law for this particular model of aircraft.

On Thursday, the airport released the last words between the tower and the pilot.

Tower: I want to just verify... You are not declaring an emergency... And you don't need equipment standing by?

Pilot: Negative... I don't need equipment.... I don't need equipment... I just need you to help me get in.

Investigators will be back on the scene on Friday. They plan to remove whats left of the crash scene at that time. They say it could be four to five weeks before a report is released on what caused the plane to crash.

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