Police: Crime Down In Lexington

New numbers released by law enforcement agencies in Lexington say crime is way down Fayette County.

Police are attributing the drop in crime to the ability of officers to attack certain trends in the community.

Police say in the first part of 2008, crime appeared to be on track with trends from 2007, which saw crime rates at a 34 year low. But around August, police reported an increase in property crimes.

At that time, police, the Sheriff's Officer and the Office of the Fayette Commonwealth's Attorney formed the Theft/Burglary Reduction Task Force. Police say that task force mode 125 arrests in the latter part of the year and crime trends fell back in line with 2007 statistics.

Below is a list of reported crimes for 2008 in Lexington:

Homicide 11
Manslaughter 2
Rape 137
Robbery 529
Assault 1,102
Burglary 2,259
Larceny 6,878
Auto Theft 587
Arson 44

Total 11,549

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