Baby's Body Dumped in Cemetery

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An autopsy has been done on the body of an infant, found in a Lexington cemetery.

A woman walking her dog at the Hill Crest Memorial Park found a baby's body around 2:30 Thursday afternoon.

The coroner says the body was that of a 22-week-old baby girl. The medical examiner who examined the body did not think the baby could have survived outside the womb.

The race of the baby and cause of death are still undetermined.

Police are calling this a death investigation. They say there was no visible trauma to the baby's body.

Police hope to find the mother because they believe she may be in need of help.

Detectives have been going door to door to nearby businesses and apartments in search of clues.

Area hospitals have also been notified to be on the lookout for any woman that comes in with a questionable problem in relation to childbirth.

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