Obama Will Add 4,000 Trainers for Afghan War

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama lays out his
long-awaited new strategy in Afghanistan today, calling for sending
thousands more Americans there.
The new policy follows months of reviews submitted by various
parts of the military, but won't focus on fighting alone. Instead,
it's spread across adding forces, increasing aid to Pakistan and
sending civilian advisers.
With the violence mounting, sources say the plan includes
sending another 4,000 military trainers to help dramatically grow
Afghanistan's own forces. Another key is offering more aid to
Pakistan if it does more to take away militant sanctuaries.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says success in Pakistan is
key to Afghanistan, and vice versa, and analyst Rick Barton says
the two nations need to step up.
Sources say in the broad view, the goal is to work toward
preventing al-Qaida from hurting U.S.-backed governments or
launching attacks on America and its allies.

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