CATS Test Scores Are Released

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New test scores released, rank Eastern Kentucky schools as some of the highest in the state.

The highest CATS test score goes to Central Elementary School in Johnson County.

That and four more Eastern Kentucky schools make up five of the top ten elementary school scores.

Two Eastern Kentucky high schools made the state's top ten as well and one middle school.

However, state and local education officials say it's not all good news.

Not all good news
Several school systems throughout Eastern Kentucky are celebrating after the release of the latest CATS test scores.

Central Elementary School in Johnson County scored the highest in the entire state and out of 176 districts and Johnson County is number 11.

Officials say those test scores come from hard work and determination.

Officials with the Kentucky Department of Education say that regions do not play a part in test scores.

School systems are celebrating and working harder in every part of the state.

There were also Eastern Kentucky schools with some of the lowest scores in the state.

Sheldon Clark High School in Martin County and Buckhorn High School in Perry County have two of the 10 lowest scores for high schools in the state.

Dewitt Elementary in Knox County and John M. Stumbo Elementary in Floyd are two of the lowest scoring elementary schools in the state.

Officials at Stumbo say they are looking for the positive.

Every school system says no matter where they stand on the list there is always room to move up.

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