Legislature Passes On Former BG Airport Official's State Appointment

FRANKFORT — Bernard Lovely, the former chairman of the board of the embattled Blue Grass Airport, lost a gig in Frankfort this week after the General Assembly failed to confirm his appointment to the board of a state-run think tank, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader in its Saturday edition.

Gov. Steve Beshear re-appointed Lovely on Jan. 9 to the Long-Term Policy Research Board, a group focused on long-term policy analysis for the state.

The term would have expired in 2012. Beshear first appointed Lovely to the board in September to fill the unexpired term of a board member who resigned.

Neither the House nor the Senate voted to confirm Lovely for the full term.

Jay Blanton, a spokesman for Beshear, said that, under state law, Beshear cannot re-appoint Lovely to the position for at least two years.

Lovely did not return calls seeking comment.

Michael Childress, director of the board, said he could not remember another instance where the General Assembly failed to confirm an appointed member.

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, in a written statement, declined to say why the Senate chose not to vote on Lovely's appointment, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader.

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