Suit Filed To Stop Manditory Move For Sex Offenders

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Time is ticking for convicted sex offenders in Kentucky. The grace period of a new state law that restricts where they can live is nearly up.

In less than three weeks more than 200 of the registered sex offenders here in Fayette County will have to move. But a federal suit filed in Jefferson County wants a court to stop the law before law officials start enforcing it.

Next month every registered sex offender living within 1000 feet of a school, daycare and now park will have to move. If that law went into effect today 133 offenders in lexington would be in violation.
The federal suit filed argues the law forces offenders to move even from nursing homes, jails and prisons.

The Fayette County Sheriff says her office will continue to move forward with the October 11th enforcement date, unless a court orders them to stop.

There are around 250 convicted sex offenders living in Lexington. State Police report more than 5400 statewide.