Big Blue Horse Statue Makes Big Impression

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New York has the Statue of Liberty, Seattle the Space Needle. Will Lexington be known for a huge blue horse named Big Lex?

If the idea is to get people talking, then the Lexington Convention and Visitor Bureau might have stumbled onto a gold mine.

Ellen Gregory with the Preston-Osborne Marketing Firm works closely with the visitor bureau. She says, "It boils down to being the horse capital of the world and being the bluegrass region so mix those two together and you've got blue horse."

A horse named Big Lex, which has been a marketing idea for over a year now.

Gregory says, "Somebody hopes he'll become our Nike Swoosh."

Big Lex is a blue horse coming from the legend of the real life Lexington Thoroughbred. Legend has it, the horse is blue from eating bluegrass all it's life.

The marketing firm says there are plans in the works to build a large blue statue, some illustrations show a horse over a street large enough for people and cars to go under.

Other ideas is to hang a huge portrait on the side of the building, all with the intention of creating a buzz to get people to visit and come back.

With an advertising budget of about 1 million dollars, nothing is concrete but the people behind Big Lex say things do look promising.

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