Wanted Sex Offender Knocks On Chief's Door

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A scare this week for some people living in a Lexington neighborhood after a wanted sex offender from Alabama is caught on their street.
That man knocked on several doors apparently looking for a relative's house, but his months on the run came to an end when he wound up on the front lawn of the Chief of Police.

Connie Jones is a convicted sex offender. He was on probation for sexual abusing an 11 year-old girl back in 1990. The 52 year-old failed to register as a sex offender.

Jones hid out in Georgetown where police arrested him for not registering on Kentucky's registery. But he fled again before police found out about the outstanding warrants in Alabama.

That's when earlier this week, the sex offender on the run, ran into a Lexington neighborhood in the middle of the night. But Jones didn't end up in just any neighborhood. He was right outside Lexington's Police Chief Anthany Beatty's house.

Lexington police transferred him to Eastern State for a mental evaluation, but the hospital transferred him right back to jail.