Family Needs Help Finding Special Pet

A Lexington family hopes someone can help them find a special member of their family. It's been five days now, since their family pet got away.

"She usually is at the door waiting and she wasn't there. So, I hollered for her and she wasn't anywhere," said Heather Bunton.

The family says the light brown australian shephard, named Lucy, got out through an open gate Monday night.

Lucy was special 5 year old Hadley. Her father is fighting in Iraq, so her grandfather gave her Lucy as a special friend while her father is away.

The family says they've searched the streets off Harrodsburg Road and Man'O'War, but there's no sign of Lucy.

There is good news for the family. Hadley's father is coming home on Sunday. They just hope Lucy will be there to welcome their hero home.

If you find Lucy, you're asked to contact the Lexington Humane Society who will reunite the dog with the Bunton family.