Bank Robbery Suspect Admits To Crime

Police had guns drawn...while they say the man suspected of robbing Hometown Bank of Corbin...was holed up inside. Police say the man, identified by them as George Nathan Little, 29, went into the bank...told the teller he had a gun..and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

About two hours later...police caught up with him after witnesses identified the car he was in at Northfield Station Apartments in the Laurel County section of Corbin.

Dozens of state troopers, Laurel Sheriff’s Deputies, and Corbin Police officers swarmed the parking lot…many of them with their guns drawn…as if the situation could go bad.

After he was arrested..and while he was being led away by officers, admitted to the crime.

“I got into a robbery, you know, it went bad, put it that way. I didn't get away,” said Little as he was being put in the police car.

Little went on to answer reporters’ questions…as to why he held up the bank…just after 10 Monday morning.

“Because I'm hurting for money. My family is hurting for money. We're in...a time of depression. I wanted to be prepared for it,” said the robbery suspect.

The robbery happened in Knox County..but police say the weapon was found near the Whitley County line...and neighbors say the apartment he was found in was his mother's residence in Laurel County.

“(I) never meant to try to hurt or scare anybody. It was....just about the money,” said Little.

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