Wayne County Police Concerned About Meth Labs

Neighbors say they’ve noticed a lot of traffic at a mobile home on Furnace Mt. Rd near Monticello. And police say a major meth lab was in operation there..and it took an emergency response team to take it down Monday.

“It (the odor) was strong enough that our (Operation) Unite guy was concerned. He said we need to get out pretty quick,” said Monticello officer Derrek Lester of the toxicity of their surroundings.

Four people were arrested, including the homeowner, Jeffrey Scott Dean. But the raid Monday was just the latest in what police in Wayne County are calling an epidemic.

“I mean this is crippling the community,” said Lester.

In the last 3 months police in Wayne County say they've raided 9 labs.

“It's just poison. The chemicals it's made from. It's all dangerous. All the chemicals are dangerous by themselves,” said Lester.

And during Monday's raid...police say they found that the toxic drug was being made in the presence of a child.

The labs are being found out in rural areas...and in the city. And police say the same customers come back..again and again.

“From some of the people I've spoken to that's addicted to it, they're addicted to it the first time they use it, ” said Lester.

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