Worldwide Computer Virus Could Explode April 1st

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Experts say a dormant virus is infecting millions of Windows users worldwide and there is little anyone can do to stop it.

For whatever reason computer hackers have made April 1 the Superbowl of viruses.

Tom Watkins, the IT Manager for WKYT says, "It's probably happened the last 4 or 5 years."

The computer worm is called Conficker C. Watkins says it's a new version of an old virus, "It sits dormant on a computer until it receives a new command."

"It's a back door Trojan which means it gives somebody access to your files," says Staples Sales Manager Travis McCreary says they deal with viruses all the time, cleaning them from hard drives.

He says this one is different. "Right now the only way to get rid of this one is to format your computer like it's brand new again."

Conficker is also spread differently than other viruses. "You just go to affected websites and you’re infected."

Experts say there is no cure for the virus but there is a way to check and see if your computer is affected. Microsoft has set up this site, if you can see what is displayed chances are you don't have the virus. You can find it by visiting

Watkins says there are rumors it can wipe out a hard drive and give out your passwords to hackers. But the truth is no one is certain what will happen.

Only that April's 1, April's Fools Day is embedded in the viruses code as the day to receive its next instruction.