Conficker Worm Reaches Go Time, To No Effect

NEW YORK (AP) - The malicious Conficker Internet worm is trying
to reach its creators more aggressively today. But nothing
noticeable has happened.
The worm's programming included a change in tactics on April 1.
Infected computers were told to step up their attempts to "phone
home" for commands. But chief research officer Mikko Hypponen at
antivirus company F-Secure says that's the only sign of life from
the bug.
The worm can take control of unsuspecting PCs running
Microsoft's Windows operating system. But its creators likely want
to use their vast "botnet" to send spam or perform other
cybercrimes, and not to bring down the Internet.
Security companies monitoring the worm have been largely
successful at blocking infected machines from communicating with
whoever programmed it.

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