Storm Recovery Continues in Bath County

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Bath County is one of the counties that declared a state of emergency after this weekend's storms and today, people were continuing to clean up the mess left behind.

For Lowana Evans, its finally the calm after the storm. Saturday morning, flood waters surrounded her home and caused extensive property damage.

"I've had the damage and loss of six vehicles, all the underpinning has to be replaced and put back," she said, "It's going to be continuous. Right now I look like a junk yard, but I'm just glad that my husband and I are alive."

For flood victims in Bath County, today is a day of cleanup. But for folks like Irvin Martin, cleanup won't help much because Irvin has lost almost everything.

"As you can see everything is gone," said Irvin, "I guess you just start again from scratch and build up as you go is all you can do. It's set me back a long way. I had most of my life tied up in this place trying to get my kids growed up."

Bath County Judge Executive Walter Shrout estimates road and property damage at about a quarter of a million dollars