Unemployment Numbers Continue To Climb

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Unemployment numbers in Kentucky continue to rise.

The latest numbers indicate the state is at a 22 year high. Every county saw higher unemployment numbers in February.

Those loses are taking a toll, not only on those unemployed, but on the counties as well.

Counties rely on payroll taxes to help pay for programs and services and as jobs continue to disappear, the money flowing to cities and towns is also shrinking.

Fayette County has the lowest unemployment rate of any county in Kentucky, at 7.4%.

The Lexington Public Library has a new program, trying to help those searching for jobs.

The Job Lab is open on Monday and Thursday from 3-5 p.m. People can get help with their resumes and use computers on site to help search for a new job.

Since the program began, library officials say they've helped nearly 150 people, many who unexpectedly lost their jobs.

"I'd say that happened to eighty percent of the people in here. They had a job for fifteen to twenty years and have suddenly lost that job and now they don't know what to do," says Christina Cornelison.

Cornelison says with a little help, many people are now getting back on their feet.

"It took these facilities for me to have the opportunity to pursue things," says Douglas Bowers, who has been looking for a steady job for years.

The Eagle Creek Library location also offers a resume class every Thursday from 6-8 p.m.

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