Mr. Wildcat's Cub Welcomes Coach Cal To The Bluegrass

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In his first words to the UK nation, Coach John Calipari paid tribute to one of the most famous members of the UK community.

Coach Cal searched for the family of Bill Keightley, the long-time equipment manager, who passed away last year.

Members of his family say they're proud his legacy is living on.

Bill Keightley's daughter talked to 27 NEWSFIRST on Thursday about meeting Coach John Calipari at his UK introduction.

The feeling of optimism associated with a new head basketball coach is not lost on Karen Marlowe, the self-proclaimed cub of Mr. Wildcat himself, Bill Keightley.

Marlowe says, "It's a level for me that's always there and will always be there."

Bill Keightley's name is synonymous with Kentucky tradition.

"He's been around a lot of coaches and he loved all of them, enjoyed working with them all. He said he couldn't tell you his favorite one because it's whatever we're with now," she says.

That made one moment all the more special for Marlowe. With all the distractions associated with his introduction earlier this week, John Calipari went looking for Marlowe.

"I was standing there and I saw him make his way over here and it was like the parting of the sea, and he came over to me and hugged and kissed me," she said.

And while Calipari won't have Keightley sitting on the bench at Rupp next season, he will have his legacy.

"They're still doing things the way he taught them," Marlowe said.

He also has the support of Mr. Wildcat's Cub.

"I was not expecting that at all and that won me over immediately," she said.

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