Wife Found Guilty In McChicken Poisoning Case

The woman who was accused of plotting to kill her husband with a poisoned sandwich will spend the next 11 years behind bars. A Carter County jury found Renee Valandingham guilty of attempted murder despite her testimony otherwise.

Yesterday, Renee Valandingham admitted on the witness stand that she was in love and had an intimate relationship with her McDonald's co-worker Chris Stephens, but said she never planned to leave her husband Brent.

She told the court she had no part in Chris Stephens plan to poison her husband by spiking his McChicken sandwich with the rat poison D-Con.

"He picked up DECON and showed it to me and I asked him, 'Do you have mice or rats?' He said, 'No.' He said, 'I hate your husband. He is a b-----d and I would love to get rid of him.' ...I told him to put it back that I didn't want my husband harmed," she testified.

Chris Stephens cut a deal with prosecutors and testified that the poisoned sandwich was Valandingham's idea.

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